Meet the winners of the Global Woman Awards 2024

On Friday we revealed the inspirational afterglow of the Global Woman Awards held at the iconic Houses of Parliament. It was truly a remarkable evening with a room filled to capacity with guests from across the globe – the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and beyond – the energy and passion for gender equality and empowerment were palpable. The diversity and unity present were absolutely mind-blowing, embodying the spirit of what we strive to achieve together. We must express our sincerest apologies to those we couldn’t accommodate due to the overwhelming demand for attendance. The decision to turn down many interested participants was difficult, as we aimed to include as many voices and supporters as possible in our celebration of remarkable achievements. However, let not this disappointment linger, for we are already setting the stage for an even grander event – the Global Woman Summit, set to take place this June. It promises to be the pinnacle of this year’s empowerment and networking events, so we strongly encourage you to secure your place without delay. Register your interest now at Global Woman Summit Waitlist to be part of this groundbreaking event. We were honored to recognize the incredible contributions of our awardees, who have made significant impacts in various fields, including Culture and Gender Equality, Environmental Stewardship, Social Justice, and many more. Their dedication and achievements inspire us all to strive for a better, more inclusive world.


Q: How are the winners selected for each category in the Global Woman Committee event?

A: The winners for each category are selected through a combined process of public voting and judges' votes. Each finalist has been chosen from a pool of nominations received over the past few months, and now the public has the opportunity to vote among these finalists.

Q: What is the role of public voting in the selection process?

A: Public voting plays a crucial role in the selection process. After the finalists have been selected and announced, the public has the opportunity to vote for their preferred candidates. These votes are combined with the judges' votes to determine the winners.

Q: How much weight does each vote have in the selection process?

A: In the selection process, the votes have different weights. The judges' votes count for 1 point, while the public votes count for 2 points. The winners will be determined by the sum of these votes.

Q: How were the finalists chosen?

A: The finalists were chosen from a list of nominations received by the Global Woman Committee over the last few months. These nominations underwent a selection process to identify the most deserving candidates for the final round, which is now open for public voting.

Q: When will the winners be announced?

A: The announcement date for the winners is on 8th March at the Houses of Parliament. Find more about the event here: 

Q: Is there a deadline for public voting?

A: The deadline for voting is 6th March 2023.For more information or specific inquiries not covered in this FAQ, please contact us at 

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